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How would you describe your music?
        I would say my music is a hybrid of 90s R&B with a little of today’s R&B music, with a little of pop and blues in between. I am a 90s kid so I am very inspired by 90s R&B. But, I love a lot of music and I could probably name many artists across many genres that have inspired me and point them out in spots in my music. I’m an eclectic person and I think my music is eclectic as well but rooted in soul and emotion.


What was the first piece you ever created as an artist?  And how have you grown as an artist since you wrote/performed your first piece?
         I remember being about 7 years old writing music for famous artists in my head at the time.   I would pretend that I was their songwriter and give them what I thought were hits, although now I know they’re low-key trash (laughs). I definitely have grown since then. I’m performing my own music that’s meant to be sung by me and I’m performing in person a lot. My confidence is a work in progress but it has definitely grown since I was a shy little kid writing songs in my room to escape.


What has been your most memorable moment as a performer?
        Every time I do a show and sell my CDs from people in the audience who connect with me, I feel like the most incredible person in the world. I know that you probably shouldn’t judge how good you do based on how the crowd reacts, but it feels very validating when people connect with my music because I work really hard on making it as good as I can. I’ve definitely put my heart, sweat, tears, and money (lol) into my music and I’m glad that people have responded well so far.


What was your experience at Souletri and how would you describe Souletri to someone who hasn’t been to an event yet?
         Souletri was amazing. It was a huge honor to have Jose (the curator of Souletri) reach out to me to perform and the crowd was so supportive of all of the performers. If you like soul music, if you like positive energy full of love, definitely go see a Souletri show!  If you’re an artist, definitely sign up to do a Souletri show!


Where can fans find you?
         You can find me on Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter all at @bryanjoonmusic or my website I also have my EP “Project Ex” on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and all major music outlets. Hope to connect with new people soon!

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Ask your #MCM with Bryan Joon

This week we are crushing on Bryan Joon!


Bryan Joon is an R&B Singer-Songwriter whose repertoire spans R&B, Soul, Pop, and Blues.   Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Bryan Joon immigrated to Connecticut when he was six months old where he studied music theory and voice.   After high school, Bryan Joon moved to New York City to study with the best trainers and teachers that the city has to offer.

His new EP, Project Ex, is a reflective testimonial of past relationships and old wounds, some which have healed better than others.   Bryan reflects on seeing an ex after a year on the R&B/trap ballad “365,”  the pain of unrequited love on the acoustic soul track “Not That into You,” and the possibility of staying together on the wistful “Nowhere.”

Bryan Joon has been actively performing in New York since 2015.   Since then, Bryan has performed at many renowned venues in New York City including SOBs, Highline Ballroom, and Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar.   Bryan is also the December 2016 Winner of the Coast2Coast Connection Edition.

Bryan Joon currently resides in Queens, New York and is currently promoting his debut EP while working on his first full length album.

What’s your definition of romance?  


For me my definition of romance is investment.   Showing someone that you really care even if it’s through kind words, support, or simple gestures.   It’s the little things that matter to me in love.

Join us in crushing on Bryan below!


What’s the first thing you notice about a potential love interest?  

Aside from looks, I look for chemistry and if we can laugh together and banter off each other.


What’s an instant deal breaker?  

Apathy.   I can’t be with someone who doesn’t show they are passionate about us.


Describe your love life in one word.  

Non-existent! lol


If there was one piece of advice you could give men/women, what would it be?  

Artists are sensitive about their ish so if you’re going to be with us, you got to support us!


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Social media:  @bryanjoonmusic

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